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Welcome to our extraordinary community nestled in beautiful Calgary.

Our 220 acres of breathtaking land will feature the largest four-season lagoon in the world, with a backyard lagoon for every home. Imagine waking up in your oasis, with the soothing sound of the crystal-clear water steps away from your deck. Come and live your dream life in our paradise on earth where you can live a sustainable life to be proud of.

You will find your dream parcel of land in 0.33 acres and 0.5 acres, the perfect size to fully enjoy your little paradise.




At Lagoon Estate we create a glimmer of hope. We offer a new way of life, a place where space is abundant, and a view for everyone to enjoy. Our solution is simple: start at 0.33 acres, back into a beautiful Geo-Lagoon, and make way for a lifestyle that lets you breathe. Not only do we preserve the planet we call home, but we offer a haven for all to thrive.



Will create Lagoon Estate a sustainable neighborhood concept that uses a combination of solar thermal park and geothermal heating and electricity, providing renewable and low-carbon energy to residents. Each community will have a large heat storage unit that works together with other energy equipment to heat or cool each home in a self-sustaining manner. The accumulated heat will also contribute to the energy self-sufficiency of the neighborhood, thanks to the external solar coating on each dwelling. The ultimate goal is to create the world's first carbon-neutral, self-sustaining, natural energy residential neighborhood with a unique and infinite exchange model. By doing so, we hope to inspire and teach other neighborhoods to do the same.





At Lagoon Estate, we provide more than just a gated community; we also secure each property with elegantly designed gates that complement the style of your home. These gates not only enhance security but also ensure privacy, allowing you to make the most of both your front and back yards. In addition, we have installed video cameras at the entrance for added protection. At Serenity Lagoon, your security and happiness are our top priorities, because you deserve the best.



Calgary is a prestigious city renowned for its luxurious living and distinguished atmosphere. At Lagoon Estate, we are committed to upholding this esteemed reputation by partnering with skilled architects and designers who will create not just a home, but a unique work of art for each resident. Experience the elegance and sophistication of Calgary in a one-of-a-kind residence tailored to your taste and lifestyle.

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